Air Conditioner & Heating Maintenance Service

Servicing your AC unit is an essential part of preventing break downs throughout the year and protecting your investment.  It is vital that you keep your system up to par all season long. In addition to protecting your investment, regular maintenance will help keep your utility bills low, extend the life of your equipment, keep the unit efficient and guarantee your comfort.  

AC Service Checklist

Our factory authorized and trained technicians are educated to service all makes and models of AC systems.  They will come out and perform complete system check on your AC system that follows Energy Star recommendations.  Here at Dean Custom Air we offer a comprehensive preventative maintenance agreement to our customers. Preventing expensive repairs is essential and therefore regular service maintenance helps to accomplish just that.  Regular service can also protect the manufacturer warranty. Here is what is included with our preventative maintenance.

  • Measure the Temperature Split
  • Apply Protective Coating to the Unit
  • Adjust Gas Pressure and also Adjust the Pilot light
  • Monitor the A/C and also Heating Cycles
  • Clean the Electric Heat Strips and also Clean Out the Condensate Drains
  • Check the Refrigerant for an Adequate Charge
  • Tightening All  the Electrical Connections
  • Measure Voltage and also Current on  the Motors
  • Lubricate the Motors and also Bearings
  • Check All the Safety Devices
  • Test the Starting Capabilities
  • Check Indoor and also Outdoor Coils
  • Clean the Condenser Coil

Air Conditioner Maintenance Service Nearby

A significant part of keeping any HVAC System operating at peak performance is regular service.  Look no further than Dean Customer Air. We offer superb air conditioner services.  There is no need to worry about when your system needs servicing. We will give you a call to schedule each AC service visit and then also handle every aspect of the job.

Benefits of AC Service Maintenance Agreement

As a benefit of being a Preventative Maintenance Agreement client, you will receive discounts on components and also priority customer service.  You will also see some or all of the following benefits as well.

  • Improved Safety
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Repair small problems before resulting in major breakdowns
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Improve Capacity
  • Discount on Repairs
  • Priority Customer Service

Contact us today and let Dean Custom Air get started with your AC Service appointment or your Service Agreement.

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